Friday, September 30, 2005

The Tipping Point

Phil recently reported on the following:

A record loss of sea ice in the Arctic this summer has convinced scientists that the northern hemisphere may have crossed a critical threshold beyond which the climate may never recover. Scientists fear that the Arctic has now entered an irreversible phase of warming which will accelerate the loss of the polar sea ice that has helped to keep the climate stable for thousands of years.

That irreversible phase is what men (and women) of science politely call “The Tipping Point”. A scarier way of saying it would be “The Point of No Return”

The Anchorage Daily News in August reported how the permafrost – earth that has been frozen since the Woolly Mammoth - is thawing:

It's happening now in Fairbanks: Toppled spruce, roller-coaster bike trails, rippled pavement, homes and buildings that sag into ruin. And the meltdown is spreading in wild areas: sinkholes, dying trees, eroding lakes.

There’s also that pesky side effect of towns being swamped by rising sea levels and people having to move away from coastal regions.

Another web site talked about how the massive forests in Alaska are now being devoured by a bark beetle because there hasn’t been as much rain or snow. The beetles kill the trees, which help create a massive forest fire danger and let’s face it, that’s all we need is tons of smoke in the atmosphere.

There’s a Tipping Point also occuring near Siberia, where another whole section of permafrost the size of Rhode Island is melting and when that happens, scientists say it's going to release insane amounts of methane into the air which will only make the greenhouse effects worse. Oh and guess what happens to plants when the planet gets hotter? According to a Berkley University study, plants won’t be able to absorb enough of the CO2 from the atmosphere, which, you guessed it - only makes Global Warming worse.

But perhaps the most shocking Tipping Point of all - the one that could really have repercussions around the world - is happening right now in London. Tony Blair, who I always thought was reasonably sane, who championed for provisions against Global Warming and fought so hard to get nations to sign the Kyoto Protocol – is now tipping over to Bush’s (What me worry?) way of thinking. According to the online Independent:

Tony Blair has admitted that he is changing his views on combating global warming to mirror those of President Bush - and oppose negotiating international treaties such as the Kyoto Protocol.

Tony, now having done the Vulcan Mind Meld with Bush, thinks that there’s a technological solution to Global Warming. And it ain’t cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions. That’s for pussies. No, it’s got to be out-of-the box thinking. Something boffo that we’ve never thought of before. Hmmm…how can we replace all those millions of acres of ice that have been naturally reflecting the sun’s heat, keeping our planet cool and sustaining life as we know it since the dawn of time?
I know! Let’s stretch tin foil over the North Pole! Let’s make a huge mirror and point it at the sun! Let’s turn down our air conditioners to 60 and keep 'em that way!

Or - let’s just bend over like Tony did and kiss our sweet asses goodbye.


Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

A solution that requires future technology is no solution at all.


6:27 AM, September 30, 2005  
Blogger Philip Morton said...

Tin foil. Why didn't I think of that? It will be the human race's undoing that the people of thoughtful selfeless service are often the ones in the trenches, fighting the wars of others, or making sure pencils are delivered to schools in rural areas and feel no need to run for higher office, when in fact their voices could save the world, and the narccistic bullies who have to beat everyone else in the sandbox to prove they're not failures, then must compete for the continued backing of small minded fat-cats who can't see past the satin linings of their own pockets, are the ones we get to vote for.

8:38 AM, September 30, 2005  
Blogger United We Lay said...

My husband said, "These guys are going to kill us all." We're buying property in the mountains and getting it under the Homestead Act.

7:55 PM, September 30, 2005  
Blogger boni said...

I swear I've been thinking about doing the same thing.
Get some property near water. I'm not kidding.

10:04 PM, September 30, 2005  
Blogger Mz. Pig said...

Well they have to admit that there is actually global warming.
"We're not sure, there have to be more scientific studies."
Hey, I have an idea GW; why don't you appoint someone to study the ice's see, maybe an iditarod runner. They know ice from ice!! Hell, we can put the dogs on the payroll too!

11:27 PM, September 30, 2005  

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