Thursday, October 20, 2005

Can you impeach a President for having his thumb up his ass?

Bush got elected on the platform of being a CEO President. The implication being, that CEOs are smarter, sharper, and shrewder than the average politician. Well Bush is a CEO like Paris Hilton is a Nobel Prize winner. Too bad a lot of voters out there in election land didn’t pay much attention to Bush’s sad, private sector resumé which included running two oil companies into the ground and being bailed out repeatedly by his Daddy's pals. Link
And his current record as CEO President isn’t any better:
• Terrible, crazy war in Iraq
• Condones torture
• Skyrocketing deficit
• The murder of the middle class
• Killer hurricanes every time you turn around (Not much any CEO could do about this, but, c’mon, having Bush as President just ratchets up the fear factor)
• Paralyzed and ineffective Federal Emergency Response
• Looming bird flu crisis.

If Bush were the CEO of a major US corporation with this kind of record, most Board of Directors would have him drawn and quartered. Graydon Carter, Editor of Vanity Fair wrote this about him:
First of all, what sort of C.E.O. works in a bubble?
What sort of C.E.O. surrounds himself almost exclusively with yes-men and women? What sort of C.E.O. doesn't read the newspapers, or even watch the evening news? What sort of C.E.O. wants to hear only good news? What sort of C.E.O. makes drastic, life-altering decisions based on flimsy due diligence, or outright faulty research? (See also: weapons of mass destruction; Saddam's links to the 9/11 hijackers; and the impression that Americans would be welcomed in Iraq as "liberators.") What sort of C.E.O. makes bold announcements of victory long before a battle is over? What sort of C.E.O. bullies his competitors and allies alike? What sort of C.E.O. pays more attention to public relations than to actual operations? What sort of C.E.O. plunges his company into historic debt levels in order to reward the wealthy backers who put him in the job? What sort of C.E.O. has the vacation mind-set not of a Fortune 500 mandarin but of a French civil servant?

And I would add, what sort of CEO President confuses photo ops, and phony, staged townhall meetings attended by Stepford Wives - with actually governing and directing a country?

The answer to all of the above is: The worst kind of pretender. Let’s not enable this guy any more. Bush doesn’t deserve our respect or the office. Like all those greedy corporate tycoons from WorldCom, Tyco and Adelphia – Bush should be indicted and imprisoned. That’s my opinion. What’s yours?


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