Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Any Enemy of Bill O'Reilly is a Friend of Mine.

Well, I guess Bill O'Reilly's gotten a lot of complaints about his San Francisco comment. So much so, that he's now threatening his web site will post an enemies list. Gee, just like Santa he's making a list and checking it twice.

So what's that supposed to do I wonder? Scare people away from criticizing him?
Boogah - Boogah!!! Except, I think it's having the opposite effect. Check out this recent poll on DailyKos and click here to vote.

Dear Bill O'Reilly,

Please put me on your Enemies List because:
1. You thought telling an entire city that you didn't think they should be defended if Al Qaeda attacked them would be a funny joke.

2. You thought telling one of of your women coworkers that performing sexual acts using a fried middle eastern food would be a sexy turn on.

3. I read ten pages of your goddamn porno book, and you owe me.

4. You thought I forgot all about that whole "I'll be first to be mad if no WMDs are found in Iraq" thing, but I didn't.

5. I was on McCarthy's Enemies List, and Nixon's Enemies List, and I want to continue the streak.

6. I'm hoping to hasten your rapid descent into madness. Possibly by Christmas, if possible, because I haven't gotten Al Franken anything yet.

Hope to see you on Bill's list in the near future.


Blogger Cranky Yankee said...

I'm telling you, I just can't believe someone hasn't killed him yet.

6:12 PM, November 15, 2005  
Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

What a sad, awful, pathetic man he is.


7:49 PM, November 15, 2005  
Blogger boni said...

What cracks me up, is all the liberal and anti-war web sites are dying to be listed on his site. It's the best publicity they could ever get.

He's an even bigger buffoon than he was before...

8:31 PM, November 15, 2005  
Blogger United We Lay said...

With any luck, I'll be on the list within a month. I'm trying to get on the speechwriting staff of several major campaigns. White House Communications Director, here I come!

9:04 AM, November 16, 2005  
Blogger Philip Morton said...

polanco: let me know more about that.

1:05 PM, November 16, 2005  
Blogger United We Lay said...

I will when I get something. I'm meeting with someone tomorrow.

2:16 PM, November 16, 2005  
Anonymous peter said...

wow... you guys are slaying the big, bad giant... really making "change"! Right... keep dilluding yourselves...

the reality is you guys are nothing more than an anti-west nile diseased mosquito to fox... are you actually that meglomaniacal to think your baby whines about the o'reillyfarter will kick him off the air...? or even executives will speak with him...?

Mr morton, sir, you must realize, being in show biz yourself, even if it is in the b-genre, that if it makes a buck, there will be another. well, the ol'geezerielly makes whatever you makes times a thousand! you ain't budgin' nuthin'!

so, fox appeases you by some unapologetic apology and you swallow it as a victory.

meanwhile, o'reiluup is still on the air, saying the stupid things he does, continuing to piss off more assholes like yourselves.

truth's a bitch, ain't it?

5:23 PM, November 18, 2005  
Blogger United We Lay said...

Oh Peter,
I really had hoped to be able to engage in intelligent discussion with you, but aren't you doing the very thing you accuse us of? Are you not attacking our ideas and our freedom to express them? Truth is a bitch, my dear, and you seem to be lacking on that front.

Fox should apologize. O'Reilly made a mistake. It would have been better if he had been man enough to make his own apology, but he hid behind the network, and that's okay of you're into cowards and liars.

You degrade us for taking a stand and doing what we think is right, but you have never mentioned your course fo action. Are you involved in politics? Are you as knowlegeable as we are on the topics you choose to derail? You certainly have not shown proof of your studies, nor have you been able to make a volid point without hurling insults at everyone who disagrees with you? You are a Peter indeed.

No one has ever stated that Mr. O'Reilly does not have the right to his opinion. Nor did anyone suggest that he be taken off the air. We did, however, conclude that he has a responsibility to his listeners to make careful statements and be more aware of the effects his words have on others. We would all do well to keep the same in mind. Words should be chosen carefully. We are alljudged by what we write, say, and do.

Take a look at what you have written in the past few days. Is that really the image of yourself you want to present to the world? I am reminded of a saying, something about taking the beam out of your own eye before removing the splinter from someone else's.

8:13 AM, November 19, 2005  
Anonymous peter said...

i'm sorry i dissapointed you polanco. please, i don't like seeing you take it personally, considering how close we must have become for you to feel so strongly about me. see, being a republican thug, i just can't help myself. i think i've discussed the meds all republicans have to take in order to function in society, right?

well, i've run out of my prescription and i become an even uglier beast.

i've actually gone to see a few gurus in the democratic party about this, but they kicked me out for being an imperialist, hate monger, racist bugger. and this came from sen byrd!

so, you must see the dillema i've found myself! until i get my meds, i can't help but present to the world who i really am: a republican! aka: liar, fear-hate-war monger, gun owning psycho!

i'm against a rock and a hardy-har place. god! it sucks to be me! an ugly beast on the outside, even grosser on the inside!

10:36 AM, November 19, 2005  
Blogger United We Lay said...

Again, no actuall discussion, just childish discourse. I don't feel at all close to you, but I have been pointing out the hypocracy in your comments. Still, you choose to ignore MY questions and lauch into a childish diatribe all of your own making.

12:46 PM, November 19, 2005  
Anonymous peter said...

it's hard to have an actual discussion when you keep saying the same things over and over again. yes i'm ignorant. yes, i'm childish. yes i have to admit that i don't think you make sense half the time.

and yes, i think you're afraid to answer my simple questions because it would reveal how hypocritical your thinking is.

yes, it is okay to question out loud o'reillybutt's murder and why it hasn't taken place yet. but it's not ok to wonder aloud the same thing about clinton because... because... because... why polanco?

and are you sure you don't feel something, just a little something for me? even sympathy? 'cause i'll take it!

1:34 PM, November 19, 2005  
Blogger Sheisthemessiah said...

Unanswered questions: Are you involved in politics? Are you as knowlegeable as we are on the topics you choose to derail?

I have already answered your questions on another post.

"it's hard to have an actual discussion when you keep saying the same things over and over again." How frustrating for you. I only have to repeat myself because you seem to be missing the point.

2:48 PM, November 19, 2005  
Anonymous peter said...

school of thought, you and polanco must be close friends.

okay, here i go. and i preface with, i am a loser and very, very dumb:

"am i involved in politics?"
isn't life itself political or; are you nuts?

"Are you as knowlegeable as we are on the topics you choose to derail?"
how would i know?

"it's hard to have an actual discussion when you keep saying the same things over and over again." How frustrating for you. I only have to repeat myself because you seem to be missing the point."
i am sorry, i am stupid.

those were some really interesting questions.

3:22 PM, November 19, 2005  

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