Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bush is not above the law.

Today on Meet The Press, Condoleeza Rice claimed that Bush was following the rule of law in spying domestically on American citizens. Except, that's a lie. He's not.
To be following the rule of law he would have needed to get a court order either before or immediately after a wire tap. But that's not what was the most fascinating statement she made. She said Bush would do everything he could to protect us and that's why he decided he needed to spy on us, so that he would find out information that would help in protecting us.

If that's really the case, why didn't he heed the intelligence report he got the month prior to the 9/11 attack while he was on vacation in Crawford? The report that was intrigueingly titled: BIN LADEN DETERMINDED TO ATTACK INSIDE THE UNITED STATES BUT, BUSH DID NOTHING ABOUT IT.

There was no domestic follow-up by the Bush administration, no high level meetings, no sense of urgency. No warnings of FBI agents across the country.

We cannot trust this guy to do what is right, what is smart, or what is in our best interest. This is the most incompetent, delusional president we have ever had. He is the least interested, least informed President we've ever had. He works primarily on "gut instincts". I don't trust his gut any more than I trust his brain.
We need to impeach him and his entire administration.


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