Saturday, March 26, 2005

As They Sow, So Shall They Reap

The Red States who proudly voted in their leaders with the "superior" moral values will be hit the hardest when the Medicaid cuts come through in the new budget and they can't keep proper care for their ailing parents, the record deficit creates a new recession squeezing houselhold budgets, gas prices go to $4 dollars a gallon, grown children can't afford state schools as state budgets are cut because of the deficit and state tuitions increase, but working kids who've graduated high school aren't covered under parent's medical insurance and can't afford their own, so have to pay out of pocket for every medical problem, but factory closings and corporate outsourcing take their jobs (and gives the corporations another nice tax break), and make any medical payments difficult, and now unemployed and forced to live on credit they'll soon be bankrupt, but unable to file for bankruptcy due to the bankruptcy bill and owe everything they've charged forever, with interest. It's when they've lost so much that they'll realize how they were used. These proud red state citizens will be the first to lead the charge when the revolution is televised.


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