Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Five Reasons I'm Paranoid This week

Five top reasons I'm paranoid this week:

1) Social Security: The President continues to blindly push Social Security reform in the face of statistical odds against it, the “blue dogs” of the senate (conservative democrats) against it, the public polls against it and his own party beginning to retreat from it. Seems like his campaign donors (merryl lynch et. Al. Are still for it).

2) Jeff Gannon: No mainstream press story or official investigation of one the greatest security blunders in post 9/11 washington. Fake journalist/male prostitue Jeff Gannon getting daily passes to the white house for two years. Scott McClellan has a lot of explaining to do, and this burned out paranoid would like to see it in front of a grand jury.

3) FCC crackdown on free speech continues. Soon criticizing the president, or being anti-war (not anti-troop, mind you) will result in a fine and prison time.

4) Repulicans turn the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve drilling bill into an amendment in the budget bill – so it no longer has to be approved by 2/3 vote in the senate (for which they don’t have the votes) but by a mere majority of 51, of which they do have the votes.

5) Bankruptcy bill that passed the Senate is morally bankrupt, but credit car companies will finally make better profits, going from 150% to 168%. As Bush has already put the burden of supporting the entire country on the backs of the middle class and the poor, we’re going to need those credit cards to keep commerce going. Then when we all go bankrupt, and wall street collapses, Bush will go to his 400 acre ranch and put in a new fence to keep out the poor.



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