Wednesday, March 30, 2005

How Does He Justify It? He Doesn't Care.

The "permanent campaign" continues in full gear as Bush glides across the country landing at events packed with only carefully screened audience members who support him faithfully. But this is a sitting President in his second term. There is no more campaign. And no one asks how he justifies it. The answer? He really could give two hoots about those that disagree with him. Why give them the time of day? A man of "vision", an idealogue, can't be bothered with dissent, it just slows down the process of him banging his square pegs into round holes. He's going to do what he wants to anyway, regardless of the rhetoric. Time for the red states to wake up and take notice of that as the looming deficit fuels a recession that bleeds their income, weakened unions can't protect them as corporate closings lay them off and cuts in medicaid can't provide a safety net of medical coverage. Ad in higher gas prices, slashed state budgets because of the deficit so they can't fund schools, their own police or even repair their roads properly, and that's George Bush's America. Run it like a corporation, skim all the profit off the top, then declare bankruptcy or sell and get out when things go south. Problem is, you don't have to live in your corporation once you've evicerated it. Maybe Bush will opt out of living in America once he's ruined it and hammer a bill through congress allowing Texas to finally secede. The rest of us? He doesn't care.


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