Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi and other weak kneed liberals

Liberals change the world. Conservatives try to keep it the way it is. With force if neccessary. Liberals see a bigger picture, and are ready to paint a better one. Conservatives don't want to change the picture. The GOP is doing everything they can to keep the channel tuned to the same show in America. "Things are fine, the war goes well, we're thinking of YOU." But America is going to tire of the Terror War soap opera when they can't afford to buy gas, drive to work, pay for their hospital stays, or use their credit cards because they're in debtor prison. The GOP has greedily set the mechanism for our free market capital society to grind to a halt with the passing of the bankrupty bill, and voting down the measure to prevent tax breaks to corporations that outsource. Their disconnect with the "peopple" is so profound they don't realize they need a healthy middle class to stay rich. Now that they've put the tax burden of supporting the entire country on the middle class, their sacred money piles are going to vanish.


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