Monday, March 21, 2005

Just a Little Past Right of the Far Right.

George Bush has never cut one of his very long vacations short during five years of his Presidency. Not Once. Except this week, to sit in his office and wait to sign a bill that would put Terry Schiavo back on life support. The state ruled against it, and to let her live "naturally" which means that her body can not sustain itself. Doctors have said she is medically brain dead. But the Right Wing that controls our government as slammed through legislation that over rules it all. Some people are saying Bush's action shows the Far Right how committed he is to them. People still don't get it - he IS the Far Right. He's not trying to impress anybody, this is what he really believes. He thinks it's proper to control the rules about how and when you live, what you can read, what you should see on the airwaves, that "freedom" is more of a brand name for America, and less about content. It's a great way to sell the country to the people if you put that on the box. He doesn't care if the box is empty. That's why he wants to put extremist judges on every bench he can.


Anonymous Balloon Pirate said...

apparently it requires the full power of the gummint to shove one feeding tube down a brain-dead woman's throat. yes! this is the correct use of government power! oh, but wait--how is the husband of this woman supposed to pay for this feeding tube and the concommintant care? didn't the gummint just effectively pull the feeding tube out of medicaid by not funding it? so it's not right to let the body of a woman who hasn't really been around for twenty years to die naturally, but it's also not right to provide the funding necessary to help keep her alive? well, that's ok, the husband can declare bankruptcy, so that he can get some fiscal relief, and then continue his life with a fresh start. oh, but wait--didn't this same gummint just make it nearly impossible for him to do this, by making it much harder to declare said bankuptcy?

11:28 AM, March 21, 2005  
Anonymous Bruce T. Paddock said...

A year or so ago, I read a quote from a cousin of the President. It went something like:

"It makes me laugh when I hear people say he is pandering to the religious right. They don't realize he is the religious right."

5:15 AM, March 22, 2005  

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