Saturday, March 26, 2005

Pillars of Strength

Liberals want your freedom, want your right to choose life, or death when there is no “life”. They want you to choose your religion. They want you to choose your political party. Liberals want you to be strong so that you can have a good life, and keep the country strong. They want good health insurance, they want a good strong church side by side with a government that helps you when you need help. Pillars of strength.

The conservatives are killing freedom. They’re using good god fearing people to instill fear time and time again. "Your values are being taken, your morality is being taken." The Republican congress cut Medicaid, putting the sick on the street. They passed the bankruptcy bill so that no one can seek protection from financial hardship, they weaken unions, cut taxes for themselves, and hardly for you. It’s the greatest con in the history of our country. Great Opportunists have taken over your leadership. They threaten you with fear, while taking away your ability to fight back.

A house divided, can not stand. Vote Democrat.


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