Saturday, March 19, 2005

Republicans embrace new constituency

The brain dead and pre-born are now grouped into one convenient category of living tissue that can’t speak for itself. If only they could vote! Suddenly Terry Schiavo, and pregnant women all have one thing in common. Keep the un-alive, alive - by legistlation. So Congressional Pit Bulls Bill Frist and Dennis Hasfert once again lead the march for decency and good taste and try to – what? Can someone explain to me the GOP platform? Is it to shrink government and empower states, or to overturn state rulings and empower government to once again take away people’s right to choose?

What seems to create the shrillest frenzy with these right wingers more than blood in shark-infested waters seems to be – the need to legislate the power over life and death. Keep everything alive regardless of quality of life, or evidence of life - unless you're on death row and you're innocent.


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