Saturday, March 26, 2005

Tell vs. Sell

Is this the problem? Traditionally there are two types of management. (says my friend the BalloonPirate). One is "Tell" where you literally lay down the law to employees and they follow it. The other is that you "sell" your principles and hope you rally the crew with deeper passion and loyalty. So, does the GOP use "tell" to their foot soldiers who follow it blindly and that's why 450 talk radio stations are always on message, GOP senators are always on message and Republican pundits are always on message polluting the media stream with the same half-lies word-for-word? And the Dems use "sell" and hope for the best? And some pundits are sold and others aren't, and every Senator has their own opinion, and our other media mouthpieces are all over the place? We need a better system. Who's going to put it in place? Dean? is he up to it? Thoughts on this?


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