Friday, March 25, 2005

Top Reason I'm Burned Out This Week

Tom DeLay's incessant whining. It's exhausting me. Poor poor Tom DeLay. The excellent site Think Progress has this link (at end) to this Washington Post article which points out how Tom DeLay whines on about how liberals are trying to stop the conservative movement, and hit leaders like him with trumped up charges while all he's doing is trying to keep Terry Schiavo alive. All this while he's simultaneously marshalled through and voted for the biggest cut in Medicaid ($15 billion cut from the pending 2006 budget) in years that will terminate care for those like Terry Schiavo and force other families with similar problems into bankruptcy. Oh yes, he voted for the bill making filing for bankruptcy for us citizens nearly impossible. Oh yes, he's also been hit with those pesky ethics violations.


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