Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Top Reason I'm Paranoid This Week

Anyone remember this guy, Doug Wead, ex-aide to Bush who secretly taped conversations with him before he ran for office the first time? Then mysteriously a day after he broke the news and allowed media to listen to some of the choice items, Doug said he felt he should "give" the tapes to the President? He did. The white house considers the matter "over". What do you think they threatened this guy with? Doesn't it feel like it happened a year ago? It's been only four weeks. If this were the Clinton Presidency they would be available on in a boxed set, and right wing radio would be playing every second of the recordings for the next three years in loop, after out-of-context-damaging loop. How far do they go? We'll never know. Is history served? The GOP's version of it is. Wipe out the past, lie about the future. What did they say to Doug Wead? Who will be the first to step forward and spill it?


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