Monday, March 21, 2005

We need a better word than "conspiracy"

When Political Science shifts to Theology and then to Ideology for those in power, and the belief systems shift from "I'm right based on the facts" to "I'm right regardless of the facts", we all must realize the old rules don't apply. Nice ideas like debate, dialogue between dissenting groups, government reports that conradict independent reports, can all be ground through the shredder and used in a birdcage where someone may actually appreciate them. Nothing matters to the President besides his mission. A religous mission. That's why lying, pretending, deceitful behaviour is okay. Because it all serves his greater good. In his world every initiative is "faith based" and every underhanded trick gets him a pat on the back from his idea of what God is. To understand how deep the deceit of the President's public face goes, one must understand his private face. Bill Moyers puts up the mirror and looks at the President's reflection.


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