Thursday, April 21, 2005

Alternative Energy, Alternative Administration

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY, it’s not just a good idea, it’s the way to stop this administration. People are tied to oil and we unwittingly support Big Oil every time we buy gas. We make them stronger every day. So the moment alternative energy comes in, and we don’t pay them, they get weaker – and our need for them vanishes. It's frightening for them, and essential for us. And it's not just a good idea anymore, it's crucial for the survival of our way of life. Because the old sources of energy are going to diminish and only get more expensive.

It's what Ghandi did in India. The Brits ran the salt production and trade, the Indian workers were dependent on them for their salt, and for their livelihood. Ghandi showed them how to make their own salt, how to make their own clothes. Suddenly the locals didn't need to work for the Brits anymore. The salt industry faltered, and it didn't matter how hard the British fought to try and restore the old order, an Empire's hold on its people was broken.

Sound good? We need to do that with big oil.


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