Saturday, April 23, 2005

Dobson and Perkins Kissing in a Tree

Big time media preachers, flush with cash from their bretheren, the loonies of the far right are caught off the main stage with their squeaky clean images, where in front of their hardened frothy mouthed supporters they talk about stripping funding from the courts that are not aligned with their policies. Forget impeachment of judges, too slow. You want conspiracy? These guys make the JFK assassination look like a simple line from point A to point B. They want to be behind the scenes in the shadow world of budgeting for the courts, and pressure every Republican Senator and the President to remember "how they got where they are" and to keep the pressure on to kill any opposition. Kill the courts in question with lack of funding and they're gone. Kill the filibuster to snuff out opposition. Put the pressure on the conservative judge selection, put the pressure on their own party, Republicans must vote completely partisan every vote, or they're not Republican. There's no room for vacillation, questions, moral dilemma or ambiguity. Just vote the way they want you to. That's what it means to be Republican. Wow. Republicans are really working on that big tent thing, hmm? About the size of Bolton's hair piece. Is it a hair piece? Or just a sovereign nation sitting on his head?


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