Saturday, April 23, 2005

Even Rome Wasn't This Stupid

Looks like Voice of America, Reuters and other news agencies are taking a cue from George Bush's America and outsourcing their workers to foreign lands to make money. Hang on, their workers report on America, don't they? Sure, but now they'll do it in a fiscally sound way, as these new reporters will be stationed in Hong Kong and India, logging U.S based stories, working at minimum wage, and writing cutting edge first hand accounts about daily life in our streets from 9,000 miles away. Rome fell with less, didn't they? At least Rome still had a soul when the plague hit and the barbarians were at the gate. When they come to invade America, there won't be any resistance. The land will still be here, but no one will be able to find America anymore. The spirit will have been long dead if we stay on the Republican road to estate-tax free, Christian's for corporate control, campaign donors get out of jail free card - America.


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