Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fristian or Christian?

Beaming in to join the lunatic Christian fringe, one that already speaks from the White House and parts of Congress, and continues to broadcast daily from the mulit-million dollar pulpits of the tele-evangelicals, Senator Frist sells his soul to guarantee that his presidential campaign coffers will be packed to the brim with bigoted, extremist, exclusionary Fristian dollars. He joins "Justice Sunday" from satellite arriving like some Mighty Religious Right Wing wet dream, the Senate leader, in their house, denouncing the other party as "democrats against faith". The seat of Congressional Power hand in hand with the seat of Religious money power. Why is this exactly? When the judiciary is already predominently Republican? Because there is no maybe in Religious teaching. It's either God's law, or it's not. So you either vote with us, or you're against us in all things religious and judicial, right? Woops - hang on, the reactionary judges that Bush is putting up are also pro-corporate and anti-consumer. Could this be all it's about once again? The bottom line? The dollar and corporate donations as well? Frist must be a genius, siphoning money from both the corporate donors and the reactionary Christians by promising both the same thing - we'll get the judges we want on the bench and protect the courts to vote in our direction on all things. The Fristians get to madly tear up Gay rights and Abortion Rights in an orgiastic feeding frenzy, and the corps know these judges will side with them again and again and save them billions. The only ones who lose, of course, or all of the rest of us in the country. Don't be fooled. If Jews, Moslems, hey, even if the Rotary Clubs were this well organized and this rich, promising campaign cash and votes, do you know how fast Frist would be showing up at Bar Mitzvah Sunday, Ramadan for Justice? In a heart beat. The coat room at the Congress now says "Please check your coat and your ethics here".


Anonymous Balloon Pirate said...

Man, you are so on target with these last posts! You're really hitting your stride. What bothers me is that the Dems are now talking about 'compromise' on the judges--letting the merely stinky judges go through, while the GOP pulls back the two totally Godawful ones. I totally disagree with that. I don't think that the Dems should compromise on anything. They do this, and they're giving up one of the very few weapons in their arsenal.

On the DeLay front, Newsweek's Jonathan Alter makes a compelling argument about why it would be good for America if DeLay stuck around til the mid-term elections. In a nutshell, it would make them a referendum on the radical right.

Read him here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7614140/site/newsweek/


5:04 AM, April 26, 2005  

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