Saturday, April 09, 2005

Gannon Iritates, Still No Investigation

Remember this psuedo journalist, got into the white house press room for two years, with his day passes touting employment from the store-front Talon News Service, now defunct? (mysteriously off-line when you go to, a division of GOPUSA). With a crowd control and press control like no other white house in the last 50 years, Gannon's access is no accident. And it came either from Scott McClellon, white house press secretary, or some other high level post (Rove?). It is a disasterous lapse of security to have a neofyte, unschooled partisan writer claiming he's a journalist. It is a disasterous lapse of security to have anyone enter the white for two years on a day pass. Why is there no independent counsel? Oh, yes - because the Republican's chair each committee in the house as they have majority in the house. Don't expect accountability. Remember, "Republican = no accounatability." Time for traditional conservatives and progressives to take back the congress and the white house.


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