Sunday, April 24, 2005

If a Democratic Tree Falls in the Republican Controlled Foreign Relations Committee, Does it Make a Sound?

Even the White House Admits the Bolton nom is in trouble. Nice to know the Dems can still have impact, and that the other side is not completely robotic. Some of these people still have free will and are using it. Not to be one upped the corrupt and remotely controlled chairman Senator Luger is forced to delay the vote on Bolton, that suddenly, unexpectedly, would have failed, and now holds private interview with yet another civil servant belly aching about Bolton, but doesn't let the Democrats in to hear it. And this is after some Republicans are wavering on the vote. Doesn't he think this behaviour will bother the dissenters all the more? Isn't it about how some of these allegations of "serial abuser" may be true and the fierce White House attempts at controlling the spin are cracking? So locking out Dems and trying to control the spin yet again seems like a good thing?

Irony; the Republican dissenters, who are doing the right thing, are now being attacked by the same wacked out 527's that went after Kerry and others, even before the Bolton vote. Well, that's life riding to victory on the coat tails of the ultra-religious ultra-conservative right-wing hit squads. Don't they think this may weaken their own party's candidates when they come up for re-election? Of course not, why think about tomorrow when today can be so full of fun tearing down the next piece of meat?

Note to Tom DeLay and the far-right: when galvanizing the "mob", remember that it takes on a life of its own, and as a new life form wants to survive, so it will feed on any dissent to further propel its righteous mania and continue its life.

These Republican dissenters are doing the right thing, and being victimized, to the detriment of their own party. Tom DeLay is discovering other Republicans may want to cut him loose and run before the damage vibe spreads past him. Hey Tom, welcome to your kind of politics, where the new food on the table might be you.


Anonymous Balloon Pirate said...

Terrific Post! And let's take a look at Sen. Frist's pandering to the most extreme elements of the religious wrong (I'm so tired of calling them the religious right). Frank Rich has an excellent article on them. I'll send it to you.


4:22 PM, April 24, 2005  

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