Monday, April 25, 2005

If You Have A Heart, It Breaks

Beleaguered warriors of E company suffer heavy losses because their scrap metal rigged humvee, protected only by make-shift home made protection, wasn't enough to stop the shrapnel from the stationwagon that had been turned into a rolling bomb by the daily insurgents. "Two years into the war, and the armoring program is yet to be completed," says this New York Times article. The Gop has the House, has Congress, got us into this war, pounds the desk that we need war, thrums and rallies that we are winning the war, but could give a rat's ass about the troops. They cut medical benefits to the troops too, did you know that? We have the greatest army in the world, with the best technology and fiercest warriors, and the GOP is more upset that President Bush may not get the 10 radically conservative judges he wants this year. What about the dead soldiers, fighting his war? What about their families who have three months to get their affairs in order and move out of base housing when a fallen father dies? How do they take their values and parade them around, scream about them, point their fingers at everyone else who doesn't have them to secure the vote, then put their values back into a box they hide under the stairs so they can walk up to their bedrooms and go to sleep at night?


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