Thursday, April 07, 2005

I'm Sorry I Pirated The Congress, Let's Move On

At what point is saying "I'm sorry" just not enough? Senator Martinez makes a big apology when it comes to light he blew the whole secret of the Schiavo Memo himself by handing it over to a colleague. A talking points memo drafted by his own legal counsel, of the same Alexander Group that gives legal advice to Tom DeLay as well. No wonder DeLay had the same talking points! Where was Martinez when the pundits in the media were speculating all last week that the memo was a Democratic forgery? Hiding of course, pleased the heat was off of him. The entire legislative branch of our country was hijacked for politcal purposes, not to create any meaningful legislation, not even to help more than one Terri Schiavo, but to help Republican Senators fill their coffers with more donations from the right-to life wing of the GOP so they could say, look what I did, I'm on your side! Where's an indendent counsel when you need one?


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