Monday, April 04, 2005

No Exit; Jean Paul Sarte sums up Iraq

Existence, for Sarte, was the ability to project an image of yourself into the future. The inability to project an idea of yourself into the future was hell. "Hell is other people," the lead character of the play says. Well, I think the Bush administration would agree with it all. Why have an exit strategy that will leave a vaccuum that will implode in the first moments US soldiers leave Iraqi soil? Why not just project an idea of a free Iraq into the future and never talk about leaving? That's a future that makes sense, a future the administration can still sell to the public and siphon support from. It's clearly hell because of the insurgants and nothing we're doing wrong. Not the 14 planned permanent bases in the new $82 billion reqesuted war funds, not the dangerous elections which have yet to result in any new government, not the lack of relief for any of our own brave young men and women (relief required by the Pentagon's own rules) who are fighting and fighting and fighting. And dying. We're stretched too thin. We're draining our resources. Bush will bring town two countries. Iraq. And America.


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