Friday, April 29, 2005

Prime Time Embarrassment/The Press Conference

Well, let's go down the list of embarrasments. Appearing in prime time like the star he thinks he is (current approval rating 44%), the lame duck President offers tired and failed ideas on energy improvement (coal works lets use more of it, how about drilling for oil on closed army bases?), shrugs his shoulders about gas prices (talked to my friends the Saudis, they said they can't do anything), stubbornly stands behind the inane and failed social security deconstruction plan (it's a real crisis!)(Actually Medicaid his GOP congress just cut the funding for is the crisis about to cut the poor a very deep and uncaring wound as many will lose coverage), and then chides the press that they have to wrap up or cut into prime time programs...that last one really gets me. The leader of the free world ducking and running from tv shows that he knows the networks will cut to over him. (He uses the excuse that he doesn't want to hurt the economy by going over time. Hasn't he hurt it enough already? An annonymous network source points out if he cared so much about the economy, his prime time hour cost the networks tens of millions of dollars). And CBS, NBC and FOX all bailed before his final word anyway as the George Bush show wasn't pulling the ratings it needed to stay relevant. I'm looking forward to it being canceled. Read David Corn's great summary here. LA Times talks of how difficult Bush is to schedule here:


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