Thursday, April 07, 2005

Time to re-paint the Republican

The symbol for the pentagram was once benign, a positive symbol indicating the five elements that make up man (fire, air, water, earth and psyche). It was used freely in the middle ages in other religions until the church, threatened by these other religions, declared a symbology war against them. Painting this and other symbols as evil, dark, anti-church and therefore unacceptable to the Christian culture, the campaign punished offenders and created strict ideology to decry it. The campaign was clear and succesful. The stance was -- either "you're "with us or you're against us." Sound familiar? It's a phrase Bush likes. The term "liberal" has gone through a similar branding since the Reagan '80's. Liberal has been linked with weak on defense, big on spending, anti-war (which implies anti-American because we're AT war there therefore must be JUSTIFIED), etc. The term liberal is decryed by the Right Wing, and used "liberally" on any political opponent. The term has been so successfully tarnished, it's now used as a weapon. So this campaign was also clear and successful. The stance is - - either you're with "them liberals" or you're with "us" (everyone else, I suppose). Time to do the same. It's time to re-paint the term "Republican" for what it is. Right-wing Religion wearing politicians clothes. "Republican" means the legislation of your moral values, "Republican" means bringing the government into your life and death with their new laws. "Repblican" means skyrocket the deficit, "Republican" means spend out of control, "Republican" means cut your social security check, "Republican" means can't conserve. They can't conserve the budget, can't conserve resources, can't conserve the national treasure of our environment. "Are you with them? Or with the rest of us?" True conservatives of both parties want to conserve the environment, conserve the economy, conserve the laws that founded this country. Conservatives can leave the Republicans behind. Because maybe, just maybe, conservatives want to get our country back too. And maybe, just maybe, working together, we can do it. Conservatives from both parties can find a home with the Democrats, before our home is legislated into a church by the Republicans.


Blogger Cranky Yankee said...

This is brilliantly written. I'm going to link to this on my site.

Give'em hell!

4:56 AM, April 10, 2005  

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