Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What's Next? Prepare To Walk The Rope With No Net

I think the future of this country is in micro-economies, as Bush has effectively poisoned the major economic landscape with his domestic war on the middle class, and his foreign policy of over-extend and over-spend.

I think we'll begin to see many short lived cycles powered by the internet or fads. It'll be a major change and people will have to adapt readily, but I believe the days of - go to school, get a job, know you have a career and retire in 30 years with a pension and put your kids through school are history. Because in Bush's corporate donor world, the corps raid their pensions, crush their unions and ultimately outsource the entire company. Workers left high and dry will be desperate to become a part of anything that works, even if it's "just for now". The pick up line "so what do you do?" will evolve into "So what do you do right now and keep it short."

I'm wondering how people will surf this world, and if part of the new media for connecting, networking and reporting on this world may be starting with blogs. We'll see the small email mags/and the rise of internet micro tv shows, or other bits of business, things that may only live for a few days/months/years at a time. This will become the new independently owned media, literally powered by a subscription base and not dependent on advertisers - as the hulking goliaths of media are, and are now pussy whipped by the same.

How tight will the cycles be? Some people who make a killing in a new cycle will bail and leave others in their dust, I'm expecting, sure. But just like patterns of living organisms intertwine in nature, the little economies will help grow new ones before they die, some will live longer, others very short, etc. Wouldn't be surprised if it has some kind of mathematical expression like that.

Point being, if this is our brave new world, brought on by the loss of Federal protection, de-regulation, an immense deficit, and the Republican shaving of every Federal safety net, who will be looking out for the people of America? The Republicans have made it clear, it won't be their party. Just another reason to think outside the box.


Blogger Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

To the Republicans the American people is just one big disposable workforce.

"From up here they look like ants and their flesh tastes like chicken"

4:11 AM, April 13, 2005  

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