Monday, April 04, 2005

Who says all Conservatives are Republicans?

The blogger "the cunning realist" poses a great point. Who says all conservatives are Republicans? Who says that being a conservative ties you a priori to the Republican party? There is a great conservative movement in this country, and a great conservative history of doing literally that - conserving. Protecting the economy, checking the deficit, conserving the environment. There are many conservative Democrats. I long for the day of the traditional conservative. Faced with these new Republicans, these millionaire self-appointed religious crusaders who have co-opted the Republican party, every initiative seems to be clearly assigned into one of two clearly defined categories. 1) How to shore up their own wealth, and 2) how to continue to shore up their own religious support guaranteeing more wealth and bodies in the voting booths. And damn the traditions of the GOP, damn the torpedoes, damn the rules and damn everyone else who has a problem with that. Time for Democrats to start addressing conservatives directly, not by party. There are horrified Republicans out there, guaranteed, who would jump ship just in the interest of self preservation.


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