Thursday, May 26, 2005

Government As Theater

The big show, lately, isn't in the theaters, raking in the big box office, it's in the White House, raking in the big donations and profit sharing for the corporate office holders. And the current players know that they pretty much have the run of the store, breaking rules, withholding evidence, following private agendas, forgetting about accountability, as long as they act a certain way and perform to the one audience that matters. You. Because they still realize the one and only thing that can upset their apple cart; if the people out there in television land, the people they either count on but treat like idiots (red staters) or despise completely (blue staters), get wind of the fact that there's no longer a government in Washington, but a traveling road show. It looks like government, it sounds like a President, but it's just a show. Nothing that is said is really meant. Answers to questions are empty rhetoric, deceptive, or completely false. There's no attempt at taking responsibility for mistakes, and cleverly worded legislation harms most of the country and helps only the same small cadre loyal to the leader. He's either selling snake oil, knowing the profits go into his or his friends pockets, or he's playing to the camera with righteousness, while behind his back his administration follows his true agenda of greed and control. I don't even have to spin this. It's just the facts. Downing Street Memo is exhibit A in a long list of Exhibits. The war was agreed upon before hand, knowing there was no threat: "Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

Have you heard of the latest Resolution of Inquiry? It appears that our great leader broke the law when he sent the letter to Congress back in 2002 that stated Iraq was a grave threat and danger to America. Because he knew it wasn't. And turns out if a President lies that way, it's a criminal act. The Downing Street Memo proves he was aware that there was no threat. And now Congress is going to be petitioned to submit a resolution of inquiry into what can now be termed a criminal act. Anyone hear or see it on their major news networks? Of course not. Check the blogosphere. Raw Story, It's in this link. When this story gets air, it will be time for the White House to drop the curtain and answer some real questions. After the movie's over, everyone has to walk back outside into the real world. Time for the President to do the same.


Blogger Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

as an actor, I'm liking your thread title.

12:40 PM, May 27, 2005  

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