Saturday, May 07, 2005

Is There In Truth No Beauty? Wait, There is!

This just in: There is no mandate. Ah, sweet reality hits home at least to the mainstream media in this Washington Post article. Not expecting the tinted glass at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, which is mirrored on the inside, to let in this little tidbit of news, but the rest of us out here can't deny that the polls are crashing down around the GOP like the walls of Jericho. Bush is polling slightly below the remains of the titanic at 44% approval, but wait - the GOP lead Congress is actually polling lower at 38%, way to go DeLay/Frist! In general the latest public affairs works by the GOP, social security, Terri Schiavo, hell even Tom DeLay's ethics issues and otter little things like the war, the environment and the deficit are beginning to register on the national radar. The "faith based" administration, running on a cocktail of ideology and a priori knowledge that won't be led astray by the facts or good intuition, may hit a nasty wall in 2006 and 2008 as the majority of voters begin to realize that the big tax break they counted on and voted Bush in for, boils down to a measly $600 a piece, while the vastly wealthy Bush Inc. friends and donors will be receiving a yearly break of $54,ooo a piece. Nice. The message: vote for fire and brimstone, and you will get burned.


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