Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Look Behind The Issue Once Again to Find the Agenda

Why all the fuss about liberal judges who must pay for their unconscionable acts of independent thought as they support the law? I'm not sure. Aren't the personal politics of the judges in our country overwhelmingly conservative? The judge in the Terri Schiavo case, Judge George Greer, was appointed by Bush Senior (Sure he was kicked out of his church, but this week he's being awarded a Special Justice Award this week from the West Pasco Bar Association for his professionalism. Talk about a separation of Church and State!) And didn't the already conservative Supreme Court vote to stop the election counting back in 2000 that supported this administration and started this whole mess? Remember this is an Agenda driven administration, starting from the top down, with a religious President bent on forcing politics to conform to his religious beliefs. Why did he call in from Europe yesterday and say he demanded an up and down vote on the same conservative, anti-choice judges he sent up last term who were denied? Because it will force a vote on the filibuster first, and terminate it. Why terminate the filibuster? Because the most powerful court in the land is poised for a change. And with the filibuster gone, watch Bush insert an extremely conservative judge into the Supreme Court, anti-choice, pro-corporate, etc. with a quick up and down vote. It's not about any of the regional judges. It's about the top dogs who set national policy and who are supposed to be the guardians of the Constitution. Now they may be its ghost writers. That's the Agenda. So watch Frist trigger the Nuclear Option next week and destroy the filibuster so the kindly President and the good folks at the GOP can just get a plain and fair "up and down" vote on their judges, so that these pesky individual rights will be obliterated and religious Marshall law can be invoked. It's not about checks and balances anymore. They're inconvenient for Mr. Bush. That's why he's strip mining the Executive Branch. Of course Congress didn't permit the same for Clinton's judges, they shot him down regularly as this link from Raw Story shows. But in the end, he didn't have a faith based, anti-rights, pro-corporate donor agenda that let the money pour in, and had some dispensed to your campaign if you shut up and got with the program, did he?


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