Monday, May 30, 2005

Martin Luther King Already Said It

In 1968 the reverend was saying how:
"The bombs in Viet Nam explode at home: they destroy the hopes and possibilities for a decent America."
Sound familiar?
"While the anti-poverty program is cautiously initiated, zealously supervised and evaluated for immediate results, billions are liberally expended for this ill-considered war. The recently revealed mis-estimate of the war budget amounts to ten billions of dollars for a single year. This error alone is more than five times the amount committed to anti-poverty programs. The security we profess to seek in foreign adventures we will lose in our decaying cities."

Poverty, urban problems and social progress generally are ignored when the guns of war become a national obsession. When it is not our security that is at stake, but questionable and vague commitments to reactionary regimes, values disintegrate into foolish and adolescent slogans."
Great speeches can leave you speechless. But the historic repeat leaves me numb.


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