Friday, May 13, 2005

The Pampered Drunk, I Mean Born Again President Does It Again

With severe arm twisting, and one can only imagine what threats made behind the scenes, Bolton's nomination, though unable to be reccomended thanks to a blistering reality check by George Voinovich R-Ohio, successfully moves out of the Foreign Relations Committee with a straight party line up and down vote 10-8, but without a reccomendation. Somewhat embarrasing to the GOP. They're pushing their mandate hard, but kudos to the Democrats for fighting back hard and revealing the committee's chairman, Lugar, for being the mindless GOP automaton he is. Now the full Senate gets its vote. And with R to D at 55 to 44, with one I, it doesn't look good. Hopeful standouts: Voinovich, Chaffee. Chaffee by the way, has apparantly intimated he will vote against Bolton when the full Senate votes, as his own constituency is polling at hating the idea of Bolton around 80%. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to think he needs a reminder of no taxation without representation. Did they threaten to pull all his campaign money from the big GOP fund in the next cycle if he didn't vote? And not play with him at recess? Voinovich said he will also vote thumbs down, but that leaves 53 yes to 46 no. They only need 51. Who else will jump ship? Bolton simply can't become the amabassador without making the entire country look even worse than it already does.


Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

Cranky Yankee has this link on his website about Barbara Boxer's attempts to stall the Bolton nom:


9:29 AM, May 14, 2005  
Blogger Philip Morton said...

I like the crank.

12:01 PM, May 14, 2005  

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