Saturday, May 28, 2005

Petroleum Reserves Nearing Their Peak

Now even Big Oil can't deny it. The Texas Tea joyride is finally going to hit a brick wall. Just when they finally got someone in the White House who's one of their own! Ironic, isn't it? Now sit back and watch the fun as we slide our toboggan down the perpetual "state of oil shortage" slopes. Think it's time to invest in alternative energies? Disappointed yet in Bush's big Energy Bill and speech on April 27th? in which he promoted great new ideas to turn around our country's dependence on oil by...drilling for more oil and gas at home? Great call, there. 10 years of production money and time in - to retrieve modest amounts from already identified areas (ANWR among them) that won't yield anything significant in terms of our countries massive needs. Hey but there was also re-examining ways to burn coal more cleanly! But leaving the options to the private sector, and not putting any regulation on it!

Check out the Business Week summary on his energy plan:

"The new Presidential energy plan seems mainly to be a public-relations stunt aimed at trying to reverse some of the latest polls, which show a growing public discontent with high gas prices -- and the President."

"Sadly, the plan Bush proposed would do little to increase existing supplies of oil, gas, or electricity, or decrease domestic demand for energy -- the two steps that would really make a difference"

If only his energy vision was one thousandth as good and far seeing as he is in his religious-political vision. I mean, changing the rules of government has already been so successful in consolidating power, (and trying to lose the filibuster, to ensure supreme court nominations with 51 votes is brilliant, mind you, to be able to drop in the right wing judges he will choose and permanently change the political landscape of the US.)

So how about a few ideas for a decent energy plan? Oh yeah, real change, political hot potato. Don't go there. You may lose.


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