Monday, May 16, 2005

Please Don't Bother Him With Bad News

The President sits out another crisis. The non-responsive rogue Cessna that was headed towards the white house and congress, that caused the evacuation of 30,000 government employees - and made our nation look less like a super power and more like whimpering little sissies? He was not briefed on it happening until 45 minutes afterwards. Why? He was jogging. Secret Service didn't want to bother him. And his wife was evacuated from the White House, by the way. She might have been hurt or killed had the White House been a legitimate target, which given the lack of information DC authorities had from this plane, could have been a very real event. But the Secret Service didn't want to tell him that either. Apparently this is standard operating procedure for 43. Do we need more proof that he's really not running things, just really good in a room and with a crowd? He's strict with his beliefs, so people know how to tow party line, but so good at delegating authority, I suppose, that apparently he's left with only jogging, napping and speech making. This story from Raw Story reveals much.


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