Thursday, June 23, 2005

Karl Rove's Sit'n'Spin

Current events have done nothing to aid my anger management.

I'm not sure which is more upsetting: the brazen bullshit, or the pacificity with which the bullshit is met.

Karl Rove spoke at the NY State Conservative party's annual dinner
and said that Democrats just don't understand the post-9/11 world.

According to the report:
"Rove also denounced Sen. Dick Durbin’s comments comparing interrogation at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp to the methods of Nazis and other repressive regimes. He said the statements have been broadcast throughout the Middle East, putting American troops in greater danger. Durbin has since apologized for the remarks."
Hmm. So it's not the illegal war, the occupation, the oasis of comfort and safety inside Baghdad known as the Green Zone.

It's not our troops' complete destruction of their infrastructure, the mishandling and open theft of funds designed for repairing the infrastructure. It's not the widespread graft and corruption engenderd by Halliburton, its subsidiaries, and its cronies.

It's not the daily attacks by terrorist agents who have come to Iraq since its 'liberation' to learn how to become more effective.

It's not the ongoing abuse and torture of detainees. It's not the deaths at the hands of Americans of people who, by the admission of many who are abusing them, are in fact innocent of any wrongdoing.

No. None of those things have put American troops in danger.

All our troubles stem from two sources. First Newsweek, and then Dick Durbin.


Umm--Karl? What part of the post 9/11 world don't I understand?


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