Friday, September 23, 2005

Boozy Born-Again Who Got Elected Believes In Salvation After The Apacolypse, Hopes To Bring It all On A Bit Sooner And Get The Show On The Road

Sorry, was that a bit too harsh? Maybe it's a bit too close to the truth. I've already post the Enquirer link here, saying he's drinking again. But if you're too quick to brush that aside, the drinking thing is surfacing in different areas and it's a wee bit scary, don't you think?

I mean, he does have his finger on the trigger, and he's already pulled it a few times. He can't put two sentances together without creating sounds like he's reading a toppled game of Scrabble, and he lies all the time and it's documented.

So - is there an upside to this guy? Can we impeach now, please? On one of several items of his corrupt menu? Because we've got to get him out of the chain of command and away from all those weapons. Fast.

Interesting articles on the drinking issue here at American Politics, about the idea of what a "Dry Drunk" is. and here on the discussion of his severe drinking problem, his self induced cold turkey without lack of support or rehab,
and here, the article "Bush on the Couch" a psychoanalyst's most unfortuante report card on his ability to function.


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