Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bush Vows Aid for Storm-Struck Career

Now that Rove is back in the driver's seat, and his kidney stones have passed, the President is acting like a human being again. Remember now - the operative word here is "acting" because he has a script again, a guidline to follow, tape marks to stand on and the right props (billions of dollars) to move around appropriately.

Remember now - the operative word there is "appropriate" because this guy only throws money at the people he needs, whether it be his donors and the elite corporate power group for the first term, or the devastated poor in the second term, (the plight of whom when ignored was so tragic it actually woke up the press corp and bit W. in the ass). So he's back on book, chasing the image of what a President should be, acting the part of leader while the emptiness inside still beckons to us from the abyss within, waiting for the crisis to pass so that things ca go back to normal, and the black hole can return. The non-person who can act like a person whenever any hint of his true blank self cracks through the facade.


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