Sunday, September 18, 2005

Leaders Lead

While Bush tries to play "catch up" to his needy image of what a President should be, to try and offset the meteroic drop in his polls and possibly endanger the GOP in 2006 imd-term elections, W's running his damage control into over time, tossing virtual billions of dollars at LA, except that they don't exist due to his trillion dollar deficit. Insisting that we'll stay the course, he seems unaware that the course he's steering is headed the country straight for the rocks.

It's kind of like having Captain Queeq of the U.S.S. Caine assure you he's fine and has everything under control. Woops - he's insane and will destroy the ship, but shut up and sit down, he's your commanding officer. (Caine Mutiny)

Meanwhile, President Clinton still leads forward thinking and into the future:

"NEW YORK - Former President Bill Clinton convinced world and business leaders to commit more than $1.25 billion to address major global problems, ranging from poverty to clean energy.

In his closing remarks Saturday the first annual Clinton Global Initiative, the former president promised progress reports on the more than 190 initiatives.

Clinton told participants - including heads of state and business leaders - to remember the impact their work can have on future generations, saying "we are so arrogant because we are obsessed with the present."

Link to Clinton's site.


Anonymous boni said...

I saw Clinton on Meet The Press today, and he just puts Bush to shame. Clinton is so smart and coherent.
It's obvious that his brain cells are firing on all cylinders. He's coming up with solutions not subterfuge. With Bush, however, the strain is palpable. You want to just say, "Stop trying so hard to act like you care."

10:55 PM, September 18, 2005  
Blogger Philip Morton said...

Yes, Bush can only chase the idea of what he thinks he should look like. His whole life has been one of clean up and damage control. He's so busy fixing and hiding a previous mess, there is no energy for forward thinking. And if there were time and energy, it doesn't concern him anyway. Ezra Klein had a great post where he described him as a "small man in a big office" One who rode in as a small government personality, only to slap big government solutions on things because they're easier, but of course don't work becuase he can't attend to the details. Remember all the ballyhoo about him being a delegator? Like some brilliant CEO? It's because he can't follow the details, literally. One of his own aids said off the record, "he's a better 3rd, or 4th quarter player" meaning he can only fight against a loss, try to rally, and come back. There is no leading the team for the sake of leading.

11:04 AM, September 19, 2005  

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