Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Old Joke

It's the day of the shareholder's meeting, and the CEO Couldn't be more uncomfortable. "We have just found out," he told the crowd, "that we cannot account for six hundred and fifty-six billion dollars of our assets."

Cries of protest and foul play eminate from the shareholders. A movement is drawn up to replace the CEO, the President, the upper management, and the entire Board of Directors. Suddenly, an accountant runs up to the CEO and shows him a printout.

The CEO sighs in relief, and, beaming to the collected group, says "We have just discovered an accounting error that caused us to miss six hundred and fifty-five billion dollars!"

The shareholders roar their approval and start to vote for bonuses all around, when one little old man stands up and says "Excuse me, but what about that last biillion dollars?"

"Oh, well," snorts the CEO, "if you want me to go looking for every penny..."

I wonder what made me think of that?

I wonder?
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New Joke: Not a single major US media source seems to care anything about it.

If you want me to go looking for every penny...

Well, if you want to go looking for every penny, check out Senator Bill Frist's bank account. He just sold all his stock in Hospital Corporation of America. After all, a government watchdog group, The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer rights, had filed a complaint with the ethics committee that it was a conflict of interest for the Senator to own this stock. According to his spokesperson, "There was no compelling reason for him to do it because it's not a conflict," Call said. "He wanted to ensure that in the future there were no appearance issues. He went ahead and just decided that it was the best thing to do."

It's good to see that the Senator's a thoughtful man. He waited nearly a year after the complaint was thrown out of the "We Love Tom DeLay" Ethics Committee to dump his stock.

Pure coincidence that the stock took a nosedive one week after he sold it.

After all, it's not like it's his family's company or anythng.

That would be such a Bush thing to do.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how much money the government spent on the Whitewater investigation?



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