Friday, October 28, 2005

First Time in 135 Years a Senior White House Official is Indicted

Haldemen, Erlichman, even Nixon shot out of office before the indictments and impeachment came down. It's telling that these white house staffers hold on to the last second, disbelieving in their own accountability, convinced that they've rigged the system so completely in their favor that there is no moral conscience or rule of law to answer to.

It's disgraceful. You know, Libby got a letter yesterday about it, he could have saved face, still he probably couldn't believe it and just waited for the shoe to drop. On him.

Moral values, that's what got them in, right?

Or was it just the appeal of Bush as "born again" so that his past "indiscretions" were wiped clean, he was a blank slate, and he could not be held accountable because he was "saved" and could now do no wrong?

It's a nice fairy tale, but an insult to all those who truly have a moral faith, isn't it? As Bush clearly does not.

Alterman has a brilliant take on this.

Either way, Bush is finished as a force in American politics. How he ever got to become president in the first place -- not once, but twice -- will remain a subject social scientists will study and debate for decades to come. Because there was plenty of evidence that George W. Bush was a made man. He had accomplished nothing in his adult life on his own -- not one thing.

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(Click here for more on how little Bush has accomplished on his own.)

Rove is up next, the the rumor is that he's working furiously behind the scenes to change it. Raw Story reports that an indictment was pending, but somehow got scuttled at the last minute...

RAW STORY also reported that Fitzgerald had intended to charge Bush's deputy chief of staff Karl Rove, but last minute deals appear to have derailed the indictment for now. Rove will remain under scrutiny.
Here is more on that.


Blogger boni said...

Fitzgerald is going to squeeze as much info as he can out of the Pillsbury doughboy. What I find amazing, is today Bush is giving a speech on national security while his staff is selling our security out the back door. This is the most
corrupt, reprehensible administration - EVER.

8:43 PM, October 28, 2005  

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