Saturday, October 08, 2005

International Merchants Have No Country, Bush is One of Them

Thomas Jefferson said it best.

"Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.

Bush is beholden to the guys who are raiding the treasury, literally, he's one of them. Part of the Carlyle group, the oil/gas cartel whose mammoth profits determine geopolitics. He's in bed so thick with the Saudis he gives them every consideration, and a hands off approach to thier foreign policy. He gives tax breaks to every internation corporation who throws money at him for re-election. Hey, who cares about America when you're floating in the wealth generated by pleasing the companies who lobby the GOP? And just so no corporate coffer be put out, Bush is using the social security fund to keep the government going, as past administrations have done, except this adminstration has no intention of paying it back.

So to try and curtail the spiraling deficit, currently at 7 trillion, and refusing to include any of the war operations budget into the fiscal budget, which is beyound maxed out, he's decided on cutting government spending and services to the poor and middle class all the way across the board as the way to go to keep things in the illusion of checked and balanced.

Because the bottom line is the dollar. Keep the money, and take the money, from whever you can, and hold it for yourself and your friends.

So cutting taxes again and again, and getting the no bid contracts for their buddies, for the wartime disaster and the natural disasters, is business as usual. And the way to keep that going, is to take away the people's funding: Schools that work, hospitals that work, police forces that are large enough to work, medical coverage for the elederly that works, watch it all start to crumble, with what Bush's government is now planning to cut it down to.

And four years after 9/11, the only thing that seems to have come from all the government re-organiztion, the creation of Homeland Security, and the rainbow colored disaster codes, is that they can't manage a disaster very well. They can, however, make an excellent profit at the disaster, doling out the countracts to favored companies and friends, and keeping the clean up in the privatizing theme. Once again, taking great care of their own, and screw you if you're not part of the club.

And America is very gib and their club is very, very small. If you're reading this, you're not in it.

Hell, I thought America was the club. The greatest country in the world, the one everyone wants to get to, be a part of, buy a part of, emulate the artists of, happy just to be a citizen of.

Not to these guys. America can go screw itself, while Bush retires to his ranch and Cheney to his new estate. But they'll take our money.

Don't you think their own greed will be their own destruction? Private sector has to make a profit, has to cut corners to stay in the black, and thta's why we still have bodies in NO, morgues backed up because FEMA shuts the morges early, etc. etc. , it's tragic - but they are standing on the stilts of profit, and sawing the stilts off below their feet to be used as even more new-found money! That's how these guys think. Nothing is sacred.

'Taint gonna work.


Blogger United We Lay said...

Good job! Everyone has some loyalty, and very rearely does it lie with their counrty, especially in an era when property is so easily bought and sold and people take little enotice of the land they are on and how to work it. Money is always a corrupting force in large amounts (often in small amounts as well), so why do we believe our politicians are any different than anyone elses?

12:25 AM, October 09, 2005  

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