Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Wheels on the Bus Come Off, Off, Off, GOP sends administration back on Warranty repair

Boy do they now wish they had spent the extra $60 on the four year extended warranty, don't you think?

I mean, the wagon was so red and so solid just ten months ago, steamrolling to mandate victory, riding the crest of that 3% Tsunami in the 2000 vote.

"...Political capital..."
Bush had said that he earned it, and was going to spend it.

Now, if he said he was going to spend it like a drunken sailor on a three day black-out binge after four years at sea in a submarine with a full crew and no shower, that would have been one thing. Who would have believed him? Because that's what he did.

I mean, the war along is costing a billion dollars a day and he has no interest in pulling the troops out. Does anyone have a clue as to the size of that number and what it means? A billion dollars? A DAY?

Do you all realize how deep we are in deficit? That to keep this country going - and to keep this country at war - right now we are borrowing all the money we're using - from all the countries that lend to money? It means we technically have no money of our own any more, and that we're borrowing like mad, spending on a virtual mammoth credit card and pretending there's no limit, and just paying on the percentage, forget the principle.

Sound fiscal policy?

Any of you out there remember that Bush bankrupted both companies he headed in his pre-political days, and that Daddy bailed him out of trouble?

Daddy can't write the check for this one.

That's never happened in the history of this country, by the way. Waging a war on credit. What do you think would happen if the creditors decide they've had enough and Bush's "bushit" (no typo there), and shut down the credit card? Because that's where we're potentially headed. Bush is handing all our power to all the countries that extend us credit, by bankrolling our activities every day.

And those countries wouldn't have to pull the plug, just have a delegation show up at the white house with a list of really good ideas they'd like America to do - right now - so the plug isn't pulled. How do you think that would affect policy?

Okay, back to what Bush did say about his mandate.
"Keep those big tax cuts permanent."
"Fix social security. Privatize it, and make private accounts for everyone."
And so far, he's 0-2, both of these second term agendas have tanked. They were tanking on their own before Katrina, because they were bad ideas to begin with that even his blind faithful had to pause a moment and go - "he did actually graduate from Yale? Or did he leave that early too and have those records destroyed also?"

Then Cindy Sheehan shows up outside of Bush's ranch, and doesn't go away. And Bush is afraid to talk to her. Then "Camp Casey" forms around her, the beginning of a very public anti-war movement, and Bush's big response is that sure he understands she has a right to her opinions, but he has to -
"get back to his own life."
Man, is that the leader of the free world hiding from a - mom? In retrospect you know what this is?

The first wheel coming off the bus.

Show's what a coward he really is. Then his "ham-handed" response to the deadliest hurricane in our nation's history, and the thorough crony-ing up of FEMA, appointing unqualified, untrained sycophants and a clueless leader, and New Orleans is wiped off the map and ignored for about the time it took God to create the Earth.

And what is also revealed, is just how unprepared we are to really do anything regarding our Homeland or our Security, and this was the second wheel to fall off the bus.

The public outcry was so intense that they shelved social security reform permanently, permanent tax reform too has taken a back seat.

As I said, two wheels off.

Then DeLay gets indicted. Twice, and Frist at first reveals he's being investigated by the SEC, oh yes, and that he's been subpoenaed too. Seferian's arrested, let's see, Abramoff too...hmmm...all the Republicans are in trouble with the law.

Third wheel comes off.

But that doesn't stop the President from continuing his terrific leadership: and nominate Harriet Miers, a lawyer who ran the Texas Lottery Commission, is a Texas Right to Lifer, and never failed to blow a kiss to Bush's rumble seat at every opportunity, as the next supreme court justice. Even the Right took offense at this, and isn't promising an easy process.

At the same time the real leaks begin to spring forth from Fitzgerald's investigation which point fingers at Rove, Libby, Cheney and others in the Valerie Plame leak investigation, and what surfaces is that this has been going on for weeks and weeks, and it's why Karl Rove's tight hand of control has been flabby, because he might be indicted, as might all the others, all this allowing George to talk in front of a mike on his own, without the tight leash of talking point control, explaining many of W.'s mis-steps in the last six weeks.

And wheel four comes off.

The bus is flat on the road. 'Aint going nowhere fast. And it took only seven weeks from hot rod to junk heap.

And poor W. is only in month eleven of this second term.

The GOP were feeling so untouchable, I don't think they even signed up for AAA.

I was looking for a big change in 2008, but the real news is that the winds of change are coming in 2006.


Blogger doodlebugmom said...

I posted this quote on my blog a while back:

"Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt." ~Herbert Hoover

Isn't just amazing how quicky Bush has taken our country down?

11:11 AM, October 24, 2005  

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