Thursday, December 15, 2005

Come on Iraqis, get out there and vote!

This election needs to be successful.

That way we can set a timetable for withdrawal, I'm mean victory and bring our troops home. Shrubco will have no reason to keep them there. The Neocons will have their middle eastern democracy and the Iraqis will have their Islamic Republic. Win/Win

Three cheers for the purple finger!

ps. Send a care package to our troops who can't be home for xmas this year.


Blogger boni said...

I love how the Iraqi's are not only voting in great numbers,
they're walking to the polls. Here in America, you can only pray that a small minority of citizens will get off their fat asses just long to actually cast a vote. And even though a polling place might only be two blocks away, we'll still drive to get there.

And why are the Iraqi's electing a Parliamentary form of government, instead of one as screwed up and constipated as ours.

And I hate to inject a cynical note here. But for the last four years I haven't had any confidence in the veracity of our elections, what with the potential to doctor results in electronic voting. How do we know they are monkeying around with the vote tally in Iraq?

3:08 PM, December 15, 2005  

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