Friday, December 16, 2005

A New Low

A group called the Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License wants to put billboards like this up in North Carolina, Wisconsin and New Mexico, and is shocked--shocked--that anyone might consider this to smack of racism.
[North Carolina] Transportation Department spokesman Ernie Seneca called the premise for the ad “flat-out wrong [and] totally inaccurate” and said the ad itself was offensive.
As a person who has lived in North Carolina, I can honestly say that if the Tar Heel State thinks something is racially offensive, then you've got no wiggle room whatsoever in this area.

Now, I don't know if the goals of this group are worthy ones or not. Perhaps they are. I haven't really read anything about this possible loophole in the War on Violence Committed or Threatened by a Group to Intimidate or Coerce a Population. But the fact that they consider a billboard like this to be appropriate speaks volumes about our current social climate.

I remember driving through Indiana in the early '70's with my family, and seeing signs at the borders of some small towns that read "Nigger, don't let the sun set on you here." This sign doesn't match those for gut-level offensiveness; but they're damn close.



Blogger Mohamed said...

Dear human being,

I'm sure your sensibility stems from being human and probably not a republican too? :)!
If you are me you would understand why I’m seriously freaking out from what’s happening in the world (I think my name, colour, ethnicity and religion are enough reason for particularly me to freak out man!)

Anyway, on my quest to understand the mess around in our world today, and my hope to maintain high personal integrity that I would hopefully transform to my society I do read in various fronts. I supposed this article (the writer is a republican though..or so i suppose) is still raising very interesting aspects of modern American government, many things to which he points out starting with "Unlimited government" ending with "politicizing military" are things an average American would not immediately sense the dangers inherent within it. But if you come from my part of the world, where we've seen these destructive innovations in many flavours you really start to fear the worst for the world! it's also a reason why for example many europeans can't swallow this reality easily, they have a history to fear.

My very simplistic reason for fear my fellow human is that when people speak about “Nazi-Germany and holocausts”, “Islamic extremism”, “Fascist Governments” and “fundamentalist ideologies” etc……. they have images of “Results”….. Fear, Death, suppression of freedoms and MARCHING blinded populations which all are simply by-products. But VERY few people actually pay attention to or analyse the long process that went on for years leading to these ends.

I wish all Americans like you luck in saving America; eventually this would save "A world".

8:31 AM, December 17, 2005  
Blogger Cranky Yankee said...

Leave it to the president of the american enterprise institue to advocate corporate personhood. hey at least he is honest enough to see shrubco for the fraud he is.

As he cites, the past 25 years we have been lead mainly by the republicans and the government has become more dangerous to the average freedom loving american. Just look at the abuse of power by the neofascists currently in power. We should fear this government. You are right.

Thanks Pete.

5:03 AM, December 19, 2005  

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