Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Don't You Just Want Nixon Back?

For those of you who can remember him, or have learned of him since his resignation and saluting in shame as he left the White House lawn, you may have come to despise his abuse of power, hateful list of enemies he retaliated against, spitefull actions and attacks on his perceived detractors, and foul mouth bigoted rantings in the Oval Office as revealed in several books published way after he left office.

He was the poster child for everything wrong with the GOP, power hungry, paranoid, untrusting of Congress, trusting of only a select few and endlessly circling his wagons for most of his White House stay. He decried dissenters as traitors, assualted civil liberties, was a secretive war-monger -

And don't you just want him back?

Nixon also created the EPA, opened trading talks with China, signed federal affirmative action into law. Nixon may have been crooked, had no moral compass, and tried to achieve an usurpassed level of control and authority in the executive branch -

- but I really miss him.

Because Nixon was an amateur when you compare him to Boy George.

George is now taking the TerrorPalooza road show across the country, insisting that his admitted crime of signing an executive order allowing the NSA to issue infinite unwarranted wire-taps domestically, is crucial to the safety of America.

This despite the fact that it is illegal, as in against the law, a constitutional officer taking away anyone's civil liberty at any moment.

This given the fact that the FISA court currently allows instant and immediate taps on anyone deemed a threat, with 72 hours to follow up the paper work and create the warrrant neccessary.

So pundit point (1) that immediate taps were unavailable to intelligence/justice agents is a lie. But it makes it harder for their side to stay in power if it's revealed they're trashing civil liberty.

And George now says any criticism of the war (by Democrats) is anti-american, supports the other side, alerts the enemy to what we're doing, kills troop moral, helps us lose the war, is standard Rove playbook. Whoring the Iraq war is what these guys have done from the third week in - using it as the catre blanche excuse to kill dissent, support increased executive power, try to push through the Alaskan oil pipline for God's sake, whatever legislation they could.

But the war is being run incompetently and has from when it started. Repeated calls for more troops have been ignored (now Bremer admits in his new book he asked for twice as many troops as supplied). Armor available since 2003 is still not shipped overseas. 80% of fatalities could have been prevented with adequate armor, a Pentagon report has recently concluded. Tracking the terrorists has proven impossible for our intelligence community for the last three years, perhaps the bad guys realize they shouldn't use cell phones and talk openly?

So pundit point (2) that dissent hurts the war on terror, or hurts our chances of winning the war is a lie. It just hurts their side's chances of staying in power if dissent happens.

And the backlog of taped recordings by the NSA must be overwhelming. They already didn't have enough translators to begin with, and now they're creating an impossible backlog of material to go through as they listen in on 500, 1000, 10,000 calls a day? They're data-mining, not tracking, they say they're looking for any clues at all that could lead to any terrorists at all, anywhere (because they have not a clue).

Cheney piped in that if this were in place pre-9/11, 9/11 might not have happened.

But Cheney pundit point (3) is a lie too! Because they had a memo delivered to the President that said "Osama Bin Laden planningn to strike at U.S. using airplanes". And that was filed behind a cable bill or something, and it wasn't deemed important. That's how this administration hums along on all pistons.

But 10,000 NSA recorded phone calls on dating, cooking, arabic school carpet cleaning, ad nauseum could all be diciphered and coded and filtered to catch one bad guy? Don't think so. Another lie. To stay in power.

Part of the terror road show.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. That's how they like you. To cook you until you're over done right about election time.

Because that pretty much lets them do anything. Like NSA wiretaps on whomever they so decree, whenever, where ever. Think of all the good they can do!

Like - listening to the political opposition maybe? Like Nixon tried to do by bugging Democratic Headquarters at the Water Gate Hotel? That would be a good way to stay in power, wouldn't it?

Don't you think that's what all this is really about? Watch that come out next. Because that's all Bush and Rove cares about. Power, getting itand keeping it. Not governing. That's an unfortunate inconvenience that comes along with the job.

Or am I being too paranoid?


Blogger Cranky Yankee said...

Not very constructive to say, but he is a rotten whore and a disgarce to us all. This administration has descended to depths we thought didn't exist.

The most outrageous part is the apologist. Anyone who isn't recoiling in disgust from this cabal is subhuman and hates everything our constitution stands for.

9:28 AM, January 12, 2006  
Blogger boni said...

You can never be too paranoid for me.
Not with this administration in power.

4:29 AM, January 13, 2006  

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